AMD 2nd generation Ryzen desktop CPU

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AMD 2nd generation Ryzen desktop CPU

AMD Ryzen CPU: Finally AMD has announced their 2nd generation Ryzen desktop CPU. On 13 April AMD has announced their four models of desktop AMD Ryzen CPUs for High-Performance Computing. They all are Available on April 19 worldwide.

The four models have consist two Ryzen 5 and two Ryzen 7  CPU, which are available for pre-order for now and go on sale April 19 worldwide. Their pre-order availability from more than 150 retailers and another boutique PC manufacturers.

According to Jim Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Computing and Graphics Group, AMD.“ These Second generation AMD Ryzen desktop processors take everything that made the original Ryzen so groundbreaking and makes it better – great performance combined with advanced technology to deliver an amazing experience for the most demanding users.”

AMD 2nd Gen. CPU line-up

The AMD Ryzen CPU in which Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 7 2700 are the high-end gaming CPU and the Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 5 2600 are the mid-range segment CPU. All of these processors have manufactured on the 12nm process and based on the new Zen+ architecture.

AMD Second Generation Ryzen CPU

The entire line of second-generation AMD Ryzen CPU desktop processors includes an AMD Wraith cooler inside the retail box.

The High-end AMD Ryzen CPU, 2700X has 8 cores and 16 threads, which work at a 3.7GHz base clock and 4.3GHz boost clock speed. While it has 4MB L2 cache and 16MB L3 cache. The TDP is 105W and Ryzen 7 2700X CPU PIB includes the new Wraith Prism cooler. Which offers improved thermal performance over the Wraith Max, and enhanced lighting capabilities with per-RGB controls, with the price tag of $329.

While AMD 2700 also has the same configuration as  2700x. It has also come with 8 cores and 16 and threads and 4MB L2 cache and 16MB L3 cache. But the only difference is, it has a lower 3.2GHz base clock and 4.1GHz boost clock speed. 2700 has a lower 65W TDP and with the price tag of $299.

However, The 2600X has a 6 core 12 thread the combined 19MB cache. It has a 3.6GHz base and 4.2GHz boost clock speed with TDP of 95W. But it comes with the standard Wraith Spire cooler with a price tag of $229.



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