Lighthouse AI’s security camera

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Lighthouse AI’s security camera.

The Lighthouse is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Security based company, which provide security product for both industrial and home surveillance. It is located at Palo Alto -CA 94306, USA, founded by Google and Stanford alums.

Now they have launched their new security gadget  AI camera. If we talk about its specification...

It has a 1080p (RGB) video camera with a 3D sensor including, microphone, speaker and a built in alarm siren. With its Full HD camera you can see 1080p live stream of your home in your smartphone both in portrait and landscape modes. The camera will surveillance your home 24 hours a day and record whatever it sees in high-definition. The gadget have a built in microphone and it will record all annoying voices and talks.


The camera have 3D sensor and advanced AI system, so because of this Lighthouse eliminates your annoying stream of motion alerts of other security cameras. It can't be fool by any tricked like lighting changes or whenever  your pet ( Dog, Cat ) trigger the motion, it will stay calm. When you’re away the Lighthouse will detects actual movement just when  people or large objects, like doors and windows.

The other feature of this Camera is night vision: Lighthouse comes with high quality night vision technology, which will keeps watch even after the lights go down. It is also equipped with a two-way speaker so you can be used them to  communicate with those people who have been invited and all of this you can handle via Lighthouse’s mobile app.


  1. Night Vision
  2. 3D Sensor
  3. Microphone
  4. Speaker
  5. wiifi

The app also manages profiles for trusted members of your house including close friends and guest like maid, dog walkers and your child babysitters.

However,  there are many other security camera makers that have also integrated AI system into their products. The Lighthouse make its very special not just they also have a AI system but it an AI-first company, which built it from ground level.

The camera has only one issue that, it doesn't have a zoom function so it does not rotate mechanically, which is a downside point for consumers.

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