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List of Upcoming Best 2018 Smartphone with their (specs,release date)


List of Upcoming Best Android Smartphone  2018 with (spec, images, release date). 

Best smartphone 2018: We have seen best of best Android smartphone in 2017 and some were also brought truly new technology in the smartphone industry, like LG V30, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S8 etc. Apple brings its new Face-unlock system and they called it Face-ID which works on front firing true depth camera and where LG brings its first “Full-screen display” technology called 18:9.

Now, we will talk about all such possibility in the world of smartphones and what the upcoming future beholds for us. Here’re the top upcoming smartphones you should be waiting for in 2018. So, there’s something for everyone who is Android fans or Microsoft or Apple followers.

List Of Best upcoming Smartphone in 2018

  • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
  • Apple iPhone X and Plus (2018)
  • LG G7
  • Motorola Moto Z3 Force
  • Nokia 9
  • OnePlus 6

The best smartphone 2018

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Next news is about Google’s  Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. The year of 2017 was not a hike for Google’s Pixel phone due to their huge price especially in India the price was starting from 65.0000 and  Pixel 2 became as the device, which had many small issues and Google had to release more than two statements for the same in just one week. So, this just indicates, that no matter what big you score on DxO-Mark, if it can’t nail the basic build quality right at a flagship price, you’re just doomed.

Everyone knows that Google takes Over on HTC now this time around Google has more than 2000 engineers from HTC, under the ex-President of Motorola,  who working on the Pixel 3.

Specs and Features:

  • Snapdragon 845
  • Dual-Cameras
  • Neural AI and Camera processors
  • New design language

And it will be running on latest Android version Android 9.0 “P”(pancake ), we can’t say anything about next version name.

Motorola Moto Z3 Force

Moto Z3 Force
Image source:

The Moto Z3 force is the another upcoming best smartphone 2018. The Moto Z series is a flagship or an interesting series of smartphones from Motorola. It has a shatter-proof display. While it also lets you customize the look as well as the functionality of the phone with the use of its modular accessories, which are known as Moto-Mods. The Moto Z2 Force was a nice phone, but due to its small size battery, it couldn’t give a good battery life.

However, Motorola has learned from this, and we are expecting the Moto Z3 force to have a larger battery and continue the modular trend, which means the design dimensions will remain the same, but Motorola will add in various antenna designs to make it look different.

Now we talking about the shatter-proof display on Moto Z.

Motorola has filed a patent for a self-healing display, this display can repair by itself as soon as it detects cracks, now this is mind-blowing kind of stuff that we want from Motorola.

 Specs and Features

  • 18:9 display Self-healing display
  • New Moto-Mods DSLR Mod, HQ speaker mod, Physical keyboard mod and more
  • Larger 3500mAh battery with Quick charge 4.0+

New Moto actions and Amazon Alexa integration


Now next up on the list is the LG G7, and LG said that they will launch their next flagship smartphone in end of June 2018 you can see our tech. news post in our section.

Sadly again we’ll again see Samsung being the first OEM to use the Snapdragon 845 for a couple of months exclusively. So, this time LG might wait for a few weeks and won’t just release the G7 with a Snapdragon 835, like before in 2017 with LG G6, but now you will see it with 845 SOC.


Camera settings on an LG phone

Now in the second image, you can see the slant lines expanding through the display, and also going into the notch area, which explains that the short-cut keys area around the notch are software and isn’t a secondary display, it’s just mimicking it. And the giant circular front camera is coming inside the screen just like the essential phone.

Specs and Features

  • True Bezel-less screen
  • Dual-Camera (Tele-photo + Wide-vision)
  • Flexible display?

If the above renders couldn’t see in this year then it ends up being a design of LG V40, not LG G7.

Apple iPhone X and iPhone X Plus (2018) { Best smartphone 2018 }

iPhone X Plus

The iPhone X has already reached on top of  Flagship phone list in the year of 2017 and until now. Now some images say that next upcoming iPhone could have come with three variant, here Apple is doing its most fundamental change, and the successor to the iPhone X will be just an incremental update, just like the S versions of the iPhone 6s,7s, and 8s. So, a new chip like an A12 is not possible, but we could see the iPhone 8 ‘s standard variant to stay on an LCD.

However, the Plus variant is rumored to sport an OLED display, just like the iPhone X, a huge 5.9-inch display is highly possible. Because new reports from Top apple insiders point out that there will be two variants of the iPhone X with the Plus variant being the new member with its huge 6.4-inch display, both will have OLED displays of different sizes.

The device will be again priced similarly to its predecessor, that’s $1000 for base variant.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 render

Image Source:

The OnePlus 5T was just recently launched in late summer 1n 2017. And it was the flagship killer and the best smartphone in 2017 yes, until now. The Oneplus has also released its limited edition called “Oneplus 5T Star war”. A couple of weeks ago and here we’re talking about the OnePlus 6, which is the upcoming best smartphone 2018.

The upcoming OnePlus 6 will step into the true bezel-less display era. Because we have seen the 5T jumping into the 18:9. Other than that, One Plus will improve upon its camera, as the flagship killer was never able to go head to head with the likes true flagships. In some previous renders, we have seen a vertically implemented camera cluster similar to the iPhone X.

The things that fans want is a micro-sd card slot and water resistant for One Plus to bump up the price with the One plus 6 in 2018. As far as the price is concerned here, you can expect One Plus 6 could start from $549 and goes up to more than $600 for the top of the line variant.

Nokia 9

Nokia 9 has become the most awaiting best smartphone 2018, the teaser and tons of leaks have been already leaked out.

Nokia 9 Image source: the leaker .com

We all know that the HMD’s has been taking care of Nokia. Now and the company this year launched its first flagship device Nokia 8, but it disappointed most of the people. HMD learned that playing the nostalgic card isn’t going to help it anymore. We already have the flagship killer One Plus in that range.

So, now all the burden is on the shoulder of the upcoming Nokia 9, and from the early renders spotted online. We think this is going to be a profoundly premium device. What we got here is an edge-to-edge curved display, which isn’t bezel-less, but looks just right. The rear has the same story, curved side edges and it looks made up of glass.

On the specs front a Carl-Zeiss lens with Dual-Camera setup, and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader. Because the display takes up all the front area. While this a killer Audio feature(Hi-fi Audio Dac/Dual Stereo Speakers).

Early reports point out that HMD will launch the device in early Jan 2018, alongside the Nokia 8 2nd Gen(2018 edition), around $600 to $700 bucks.

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